• Heal Your Life

    ARE you READY to empower CHANGE and LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST. Elissa is a qualified HYL Workshop Leader and experienced Personal Development Coach. Private coaching and Group workshops available.

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  • Heal Your Home & Business

    TRANSFORM THE ENVIRONMENT YOU LIVE & WORK IN! The energy vibration of YOUR HOME, WORKPLACE or LAND can upset your personal vibration. This distorted frequency can lead to issues including ill health, relationship problems & business upsets. A SIMPLE dowsing technique can tune into these issues and HEAL YOUR EXTERNAL WORLD.

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5 Simple steps to CHANGE your life

Your TRUE SELF seems to be hidden and distorted behind an earthy EGO, which really is a coping mechanism to survive on this earth plane world. Life has become survival, stress and complicated. 5 Simple steps can CHANGE everything. The world you live in will be WORTH living in.

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Power of Inner Peace

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Home Healing

Home healing

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Energy is Everything

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Self Love

Self Love care